Greta Goetz

Early research

My early research centered on 19th/20th century thinkers and scientists: their classical training, philosophical-poetic worldviews, and discoveries. My quest to develop my teaching brought me to the networked learning of the 21st century, which makes use of technology while remaining committed to the reflexive dialogic values of both classical and critical pedagogy.

An important earlier paper includes: (2020) Pedagogy of Extraneity, DOI: 10.18485/bells90.2020.2.ch35 which considers the importance of the craft of a humanities education (invention as well as the importance of intellectual history) alongside the need for digital literacy.

Pedagogy of Extraneity PDF

In 2017-8, I translated Prof. Adrijana Marčetić’s After comparative literature, available as a free PDF through the academic publisher.

Other early papers include:
(2018) “A Methodology for the Pains of Universality at University” DOI: 10.18485/climb.2018.6.1.ch6 which addresses how university education can fail to live up to the promise inherent to its name, and explores solutions both new and old.

A Methodology for the Pains of Universality at University doc.x

(2017). “Literary Lessons in Branislav Petronijević and Milutin Milanković” DOI: 10.18485/climb.2017.5.2.ch11 explores the cognitive scheme that these scientists gained through their deliberate extensive reading of literature.

Name Literary Lessons in the Works of Serbian Scientists Branislav Petronijević and Milutin Milanković docx

(2016). “Profound Community: The Apposition of Anne Carson’s ‘The Life of Towns’ and Plato’s ‘Protagoras’” ISBN 978-86-6153-391-4 analyzes the pedagogical differences between teaching and literature that is simply ‘downloaded’ vs. the challenges of articulating the more complex, sometimes elusive nature of learning and communication.

Profound Community An Apposition of Anne Carson’s “The Life of Towns” and Plato’s Protagoras docx

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