Greta Goetz

Networked Learning Design

Tools for Co-Creative Coordination

“In the online classroom, questions should be raised about how to select digital tools and why, whether the tools create user-centric features or lock users into systems they have no control over; whether surveillance influences free speech, and how to assemble a set of digital tools that users feel brings out the best in themselves and in others.”

LibrePlanet 2022 video

My LibrePlanet2022 talk addresses teaching components that can be used to introduce free software in the classroom and considers how free software can be a ‘surprising’ learning model in response to big data.

Relative harmony, experience, and digtal tools in networked learning

The updated audio teaser for my presentation at the 13th International Conference on Networked Learning (NLC2022). It is inspired by Christopher Alexander’s remark that, “As architects, builders, and artists, we are called upon constantly—every moment of the working day—to make judgments about relative harmony. We are constantly trying to make decisions about what is better and what is worse…”

EmacsConf2021: Emacs as design pattern learning

A link to my talk at this year’s EmacsConf2021.

Transnational courses

Slides for a transnational course proposal.

Digital networks and literacy syllabus 2021

The course design seeks to take a critical approach to the interrelation of technology, science, and society (cf. Latour 1987) while promoting a diversity of imaginable types of interactivity (Koole and Gulson in Gourlay, L., Rodríguez-Illera, J.L. et al. 2021) and playing with formality (Caillet in Andler & Guerry 2007).

21st Century relational backgrounding for technical and professional communication

A link to my AELFE-TAPP2021 conference paper. It outlines how my courses include a backgrounding in the social and material contexts of students as well as the contexts of technical and professional content, which together cater to the development of 21st century skills.

Teaching and learning to co-create

Presenting a book I co-edited and collaborated on that evolved out of the experience of several international multi-lingual networked projects conducted from a less constructivist teaching milieu.

The Odyssey of techno-scientific literacies

A current pandemic which has pushed much work online has revealed a lack of literacies in information security, surveillance capitalism, and the unresolved problems of algorithms and control. Yet there is a decades-old tradition of pedagogies that address the complex interactions of the interdisciplinary techno-scientific world…

A tool for digital literacy

Link to and reflection on the simple Texpattern CMS theme I made to interlink multiple-user content through key words, related articles, categories, the search function, and links to author pages listing authors’ articles. Designed to promote collaborative, project-based relational learning but could be used for IndieWeb.