Greta Goetz

Networked Learning Design

Free Software and philosophy

This paper explores the threat of the erasure of knowledge, which Stiegler (2018) sees as characteristic of the Anthropocene, and which is understood in this paper as an educational concern with respect to our shared understanding and use of digital tools. The problem of the ‘bringing forth’ of knowledge is related to Heideggerian (1977 [1949]) poeisis. But where Heidegger lacked the courage to act, Stiegler raised the question of how to act and live care-fully, through neganthropic pharmakon as provisional treatment in the disautomatization of individual and collective production and consumption.

Designing for digital literacy

The design at once creates an online space where students can find course resources (readings, videos) yet is also a space where students can co-create to leave their own traces through participatory, dialogic interaction with the course.