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I’m Greta Goetz, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the English Department at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.

For over the past two decades, I have taught higher education. My research is concerned with how networked learning and epistemic fluency can restore intercultural rifts such as the science and technology-humanities divide. Focuses include the meanings and limitations of technoscientific literacy, mnemotechnic retention, and the problem of receptivity in intercultural dialogue.

I have a multicultural background, was educated in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, the United States, and Serbia, and worked my way through a BA, Cum Laude, from Columbia University. I began my career working for various publications in Hong Kong and New York, including TIME magazine.

A compilation of blog posts I wrote about running can be found at Orange Mud. A sample of my work in Serbian-English translation is the following manuscript available online: Marčetić, A. (2018). After Comparative Literature, Institute for Literature and Art: Belgrade.

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A selection of non-academic publications: (2004). “From Construction Papers”, Free Radicals. Honolulu, Oakland, New York: Subpress. (2016). “Moving through a medium”, “A lesson in space”, “Dialectics”, Ladowich, Issue 7.

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My personal blog and wiki-like digital garden is here.

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